Pretty Purple

Purple is such a pretty color – a best of both worlds – red and blue! So here are a few from my collection.

Jacaranda Trees in Lisbon
Purple Prickly Pear
How about a ride in a purple pram!
Purple Unicorns are a pleasant notion🦄
And some Purple Aliums too

For John’s Cellpic Sunday and Terri’s Sunday Stills.

In this blog, I focus on sharing some of the photographs that I capture, often during my travels but also in the everyday life. If you’d like to read about my travels, you can find the stories on this blog – Reflections on the River.


11 replies to “Pretty Purple

  1. When I started hiking in the Arizona desert a decade ago, I realized that purple is a dominant color in desert plants exceeded only by yellow. At the time I thought it interesting that after so many decades, I hadn’t noticed the dominance of these two colors in plantlife.

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    1. In India we have a saying “it’s morning whenever you wake up” meaning that it’s always the right time to learn something even if it has been there all the time before you awakened 😀

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  2. i love that color too.

    interestingly, it’s said that the only person that could wear purple in ancient rome was the emperor himself. that really gives perspective on how long this color has been revered.

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