Only in Museum #15

In India, we had lots of small kingdoms, before the country was united as a republic by Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel post independence from the British rule. It took time but it was done.

So now, a lot of those kingdoms still have their kings and queens where the royal line has continued, but those are ceremonial titles without the ruling rights.

However, when you go to the state of Rajasthan, you’ll find the splendor still alive. It may be in other states too but I haven’t explored. In Rajasthan, many royals have converted part of their palaces into Heritage Hotels and museums. That way anyone can get a glimpse of the royal life and the ones with lots of money can even experience it for as long as they have the money 😀.

I went to the museum in the Ummed Bhavan palace – the residence of Maharaja Gaj Singh (the current king) in Jodhpur. The works of art and craft there were exquisite as expected. I however, found this clock very interesting. Most of the clocks I’d seen so far, were European in style. I’d never seen one with the figure of a person dressed in Indian attire, so beautifully carved on it. The parting of the curtains, the bend of the body – seems to suggest (to me) that someone is waking up. I wouldn’t be surprised if the clock is made of silver.

One of the clocks at the royal palace

Also for John’s Cellpic Sunday.

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