Lens-Artists Challenge #220 – One Subject Three Ways

When I am travelling, and stay at a place for more than a few hours, then I can’t help but take so many shots of some of the icons of the city – crossing them at different times of the day, seeing them from different parts of the town, often when there are lots of people around it and at some rare moments when there is nobody around.

I just returned from a trip and was looking at my 2000+ pictures that I captured and wondering which ones to keep and which ones to discard. And then I got the prompt for this week’s photo challenge from Patti of pilotfishblog (Thanks very much Patti :-)) and the theme resonates with my predicament. It is “One subject – three ways”. Good that she limited the pictures to three per subject – that forces me to take a decision, otherwise I would still keep wondering about the pics!

So here are some of my subjects. Hope you like them.

The first one is the Bell Tower in Split, Croatia. I even climbed it one day. It was scary to do so, but as I wrote earlier, one goes beyond one’s fears with the expectation of the reward, which in this case was “The View”!

On the evening I reached
Checking it out before climbing
After coming down and going around the block

The second one is that of a bridge at the Krka National Park in Croatia.

Starting the walk
Somewhere in the middle
Before reaching the other side

I will pen down the details of the wonderful trip soon on my other blog. So you can keep an eye on that blog too if you like :-). Until I post that, you can read about some of my other trips there.

Enjoy the photos from Patti at her blog and from other responders to the challenge from the comments section there.


12 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #220 – One Subject Three Ways

  1. Hi, PR. I’m so glad you joined us! I really like how you explored different perspectives and times of the day for your photos. The bell tower at night is my favorite. The last bridge photo was my favorite, too! I enjoyed your post. Thanks for joining us.

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    1. :-)..thanks John. Smartphone with camera is both a blessing and a curse ;). The me in the moment taking pictures, doesn’t think of me a few hours later who needs to sort the images and make some space for the me who would take more pictures later! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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