Glorious Trees

Trees give me many lessons – but particularly hope and trust.

Every year, I see them going from full of blooms to green to yellow to bare and around when my despair at the barrenness and greyness of winter is stretched to its limits, nature shows me the signs of reawakening first with little crocuses, snowdrops and friends poking their heads from the ground, and then the blossoms on trees. And the cycle starts again. This is more acutely observable in Germany, than in India. From India, I don’t have any memories of foliage-less grey days. But in Germany (and other parts of Europe too), it is quite depressing in the winter time. So you see what I meant with my opening sentence – nothing is permanent but there is always hope πŸ˜€.

So let me share some pictures of trees that I came across in Europe (some native and some not).

Stone Pine Tree, Vatican City
Plane Trees – starting to get some leaves, along the river Rhine, Koenigswinter
Green and Blooming Chestnut Trees along the river Neckar, Heidelberg
A Redwood Tree at a Park, Bonn
A Magnolia Tree with blooms gone but greenery exploding, outside Poppelsdorf Schloss, Bonn

For Denzil’s nature challenge.

In this blog, I focus on sharing some of the photographs that I capture, often during my travels but also in the everyday life. If you’d like to read about my travels, you can find the stories on this blog – Reflections on the River.


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