Lens-Artists #241 – Spring

Oh look everyone, it seems like Spring is here! It was verrry cold and suddenly it’s not…

But the plants and trees knew their schedule. So out came the blossoms, even if people were still covered in their blankets.

Blossoms of Cherry-Plum Family

Little Daffodils sprung out to announce soundlessly to the world with their little bells that Spring is here.

Daffodils ringing their colorful bells

The rose bush outside my window is suddenly covered in many delicate young leaves, taking away the attention from their weapon like thorns!

Young Leaves

The ducks came out again to the lakes. Or may be they were always there, I didn’t go there to visit. But thank goodness for the sun that decided to come out, thus making me also go for a stroll.

Ducks taking a relaxed swim in the lake

And then yesterday, I found little kids (goats) with their moms, frolicking at a small farm near my home. I’d never seen the family before although I’d often noticed the sign to not feed the animals on the wire fence around the farm. They were so adorable just as little children are..

A kid at a farm

In India, the festival of colors – Holi marks the transition from Winter to Spring, but I wasn’t there to celebrate it with my family. As a child, I somehow liked it very much but then one day I lost the appeal of getting all drenched in colors (wet colors) and then spending hours and days taking it off. But then while living in Germany, two times I went for it at organized events, where it was celebrated with dry colors which made it easy for cleanup.

Even if you can’t celebrate Holi, a little Retail Therapy would lift the mood

So yes, Spring is here and I am thankful for it!

Thanks for this Lens-Artists Challenge Sofia.


19 replies to “Lens-Artists #241 – Spring

  1. hahah yes, retail therapy.

    Love your photos. The cherry blossoms against the blue sky reminds me of floating cotton. I loved your gallery with the inclusion of the kid and the surprise of the rose bush.

    Liked by 1 person

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