Toran on Door

In India, there is a tradition of decorating the entrances. It can be with garlands of real flowers or with relatively more permanent decorations made of beautiful pieces of cloth or of beads and many more. That’s called a Toran. It is to make the guests and gods feel welcome at home.

It is so common that I never thought of talking a picture of it. But then during the festival of Makar Sankranti (North India) or Pongal (South India), I came across this miniature house constructed as part of the festivities in an apartment complex. It looked very pretty to me and I had the phone at hand – so the picture. Glad that I took it because it works very well for today’s two photo challenges RDP – Festooned and Dan’s Thursday Doors.

In this blog, I focus on sharing some of the photographs that I capture, often during my travels but also in the everyday life. If you’d like to read about my travels, you can find the stories on this blog – Reflections on the River.


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    1. I was on your blog and read some interesting posts but couldn’t put comments as the posts seem to be closed for comments. Just wanted to tell you that the story of Martisor is beautiful! I saw the same in Bulgaria – they call it Martenista there. I’d forgotten about it but it came back in my mind on reading your post 🙂

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