Ripon Building

In the South Indian city of Chennai (earlier known as Madras), there is this beautiful building which today houses the Corporation office (i.e. City Administration / Municipal office / Mayor’s office). It was built from 1909 to 1913 in neoclassical style. So it has been in operation for 110 years now! And more amazing fact – the municipal body itself is functioning as such since 1688! I guess not everyone in Chennai would know that its name is Ripon Building but if you ask for “Corporation”, anyone would be able to direct you there!

When I saw it from my taxi I wondered how to get back there for taking pictures. As it turned out, my hotel was within a 5-minute walking distance from there. So I went out after checking in and clicked its facade to my heart’s content! Will share some of them in different posts. For this post, I am sharing this image below.

Ripon Building

I experimented a bit with an editing tool and was able to keep one light in color while making the rest of the scene in black and white.

For Terri’s Light and Cee’s Black and White photo challenges.


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