Only in Museum – #6

This one is about hairstyles of sometime in the 80s – not the 1980s 😉 I am talking of around 80 CE!

The portrait statues have such intricate carvings showing the elaborate hairstyles of the rich/royals of that time in Rome. The museum had put up mirrors behind to show the backside without people having to strain our necks. I wondered if their hairstylists did the same back then, like they do today – putting a mirror behind our head and one in front, to show us what they’ve done after cutting/styling our hair 😀.

I’ve never coiffured up like this. Once I had some styling done for a wedding and there were so many pins that my head started aching after a while! I am so glad to live in the 21st century when just a good haircut is enough 😀!

Would be great if you would join the “Only in Museum” series by posting something you found catching your eye in one of your visits to the museum. Then create a pingback to this post by including the link to my post in yours. You can also give the link to your post in the comments section below. Also, tagging the post with “Only in Museum” and “OiM” would help all readers find these posts easily.


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