A Red Church Door

When I meet travellers from USA or Canada – the so called “New World” in the past, because it was new for Europeans, I am often amused by their enthusiasm when they visit Europe or Asia. Some of those travelers have told me that they find everything fascinating because they find the history (and places) to be so much older than what they find in their countries. Makes sense when someone explains it πŸ˜€.

And what is interesting for travelers like me in USA (not been to Canada yet)? It’s the National Parks, the high-rises, the shopping malls to name a few.

But sometimes one comes across nice old architecture in between the skyscrapers there too, like church buildings. I found this one with the red door in New York. I have no idea which church is that – my phone didn’t mark the location. And it was closed so the mystery of how it looks from inside remains a mystery!

I’d never seen a red door on a church before this!

This is my entry for this week’s Thursday Doors photo challenge.


15 thoughts on “A Red Church Door

  1. That’s a beautiful door, and I always love the contrast of the black iron hinges on a bright red door. Red doors have been the subject of debate among Thursday Doors participants and readers off and on for several years. There are many theories about the meaning of a red door on a church. I’m glad you found this one during your visit.

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