CMMC – Trucks

Trucks in India are quite colorful. There are smaller pickup trucks and the bigger ones known as Lorry. But they are not as big as the ones which one sees on the highways in Europe.

The most common thing you’ll find written behind a truck is “HORN” “OK” “PLEASE”. The meaning is – “please honk if you want to overtake”. Understandable as the visbility is limited from the truck and highways and roads are not as wide as in the West. In addition there are often philosophical poems (couplets) and “public welfare” messages also painted on the side and back of the trucks. They are also decorated with floral patterns, images of gods, eyes, portraits of some famous actors/actresses, and much more. I wish I had better pictures but I never thought one day I would be writing about this! So I’ll just share what I have for now.

Here’s a small pick up truck and ahead a slightly bgger one.

As India is a really old country, in almost every city you will find an old part and a new part. So below is a truck in the old part of Kolkata where the street is very narrow and so the truck is almost hugging the wall! It’s a great skill to manoeuver a big vehicle in such narrow lanes! The trucks form the backbone of the logistics in India, carrying things from one part of the country to the other and to the smallest of villages. The truck drivers are really hard working people, driving for days away from their families, which is one of the reasons why they decorate their trucks (outside and inside) – it’s their home away from home!

This is a small glimpse into the world of “Trucks in India” for Cee’s photo challenge.


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