Only in Museum – #3

In the list of unusual museums, I should add one I found this year – a museum about obscure music generating machines! I will write about the trip soon on my other blog.

The museum is called Sigfried’s Mechanical Music Cabinet and is located in a small but charming town Ruedesheim, on the river Rhine, in Germany.

So here’s a mechanical fairground organ that used to play music in a merry go round in Budapest, sometime in 1908. It was made by the company “Gebrüder Bruder” from a town Waldkirch in Germany. The museum folks found it in a totally dismantled state in a barn and restored it. Now it works perfectly, although not in a fairground but in a museum. A very interesting thing to notice is the Oriental theme for the facade. Could it be because Hungary had an Ottoman history? Who knows..But I’m sure a lot of people enjoyed it in its glory days.

Fairground Organ

You can listen to the music here and make a trip down a century!

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