Lens-Artists Challenge #226 – Textures

While taking photos, I have hardly ever focused on the technicalities because I am engrossed in the scene before me. So the photo challenges are a good way for me to rummage through my collection and reflect on the subtleties and also find what else can I do to make an old picture better.

This week’s Lens artists photo challenge is to show different textures. So I pulled out the following photos to share.

The sky needs a sweeping!
Blackberries collected during a walk!
Interesting texture on grape leaves caused by a virus!

Thanks to my new phone, I can capture closeups in more detail than before. It would’ve been possible with the camera but since I don’t carry the camera all the time, I am so grateful to have this phone.

Soft petals, bumpy center, hairy buds, bokeh and some more
Closeup of the weave of my cushion cover!
Closeup of the Yoga Mat!

In response to the LAPC challenge from Cornwall in Colours.


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