Only in Museum – #2

This year, I’ve had the chance to be at a very unusual museum, probably one of its kind.

It’s called “Museum of Broken Relationships” and is located in Zagreb, Croatia. The couple, who started it, are artists themselves and when they broke up, amicably, they joked about putting the left-over personal items in a museum. But then that joke turned into a real thing and they collected items also from their broken-up friends. They opened the collection to public in 2006, then started receiving contributions from all over the world!

Many pieces there were very interesting, but I found this one speak to me with the story behind the postcard. I’ll copy the story below, as it might be difficult to read it from the photo.

Postcard from Heidelberg, Germany – 1939
Postcard and the story from the donator

“The mother of my grandmother was a beautiful young lady in 1919. Her life at that time was one big party and each month she got to know another young man. Only two of them, though, were important to her: her father and her German lover.

She lost her heart in Heidelberg. The lovers were together for a month. Once they watched the sun go down at the castle. He didn’t come to America with her. He had no money and her parents did not like him. Nonetheless, each autumn he sent her a postcard.

Here is the last postcard from her German lover. It arrived in 1939. He hadn’t written anything on it. We believe that he died in the Second World War.”

How incredible is that – to have a memento of an unfinished love story spanning twenty years, that travelled first from Heidelberg, Germany to somewhere in USA, and then landed in Croatia where I would one day see it after having travelled there from Heidelberg, Germany! Full circle.

I have taken hundreds of pictures of this castle but never from this angle. I feel like I need to find that vantage point. You can see the castle in today’s setting, albeit from a hill, in this post of mine.

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