Malta – The Doors of Mdina

A few years ago, I visited the lovely country of Malta. The door handles and knockers there were gorgeous and gave a special appeal to the doors. Bringing that memory back today with this post from my other blog.

This is my entry for the Thursday Doors photo prompt.

Reflections on the river

I cannot believe that I didn’t post about Malta up until now. It’s been almost four months since I was there, although it seems like such a distant memory. Ah, this illusory concept called Time!

Nonetheless, what better way to start than to take you “through the doors”!

So, before the Knights Hospitaller (Knights of St. John) came to Malta in 1530, Mdina was the capital of Malta. The fortifications stand strong to this day. The city has been in existence since at least the 8th century, when it was called Maleth by the Phoenicians. But it has been inhabited since prehistory! Now there are only around 250 people living there. So it becomes almost silent once the day time visitors to the city leave in the evening, hence the nickname of “Silent City”. There are so many stories to tell – which I will tell in the subsequent post…

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