Lens-Artists Challenge #217

Thanks to the “Discover” option in my wordpress reader, I came to know of this photo challenge.

This looked like a very good time to finally start creating the posts on this blog that I’d created specifically with the intention to share the pictures I click, with the world. My other blog is primarily focused on my Travels.

So without further ado, let’s start.

The theme for this photo challenge is “Opposites”. And here are some of my interpretations of this theme. Enjoy.

  1. Do we really know what’s real and what’s not? But may be the two together are needed to create the symmetry. Who knows?
Creating symmetry

2. Electricity, Water and Wind – Generating Electricity from Wind and putting those generators in the Water! Fascinating – isn’t it?

Windmills in the sea, Copenhagen

3. The Bishop and the Devil – When I saw this on the ceiling of a really old Half Timbered House in Germany, I admired the courage of the artist and the house owner – wouldn’t have been easy to make a satirical statement with art in those days.

Looking forward to the next challenges and to discover the interpretations of other lens artists :-).


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